Rosicki and the 17th Annual Camp Loyaltown Auction

Supporting the local community has always been a top priority for Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates. To show appreciation for a fantastic children’s organization in the Catskill Mountains, the firm is hosting a fundraising auction to benefit Camp Loyaltown on October 11, 2012. Established more than 40 years ago as a program of Citizens, Inc., Camp Loyaltown provides developmentally disabled youth with an opportunity to join their peers for a summer of fun in the great outdoors. In addition to its programs for children and teens, Camp Loyaltown offers a special two-week session for challenged independent adults ages 21 and over. Developmentally disabled adults who live at home or in a monitored community are also welcome to participate.

Each summer, more than 650 campers from across the Northeast gather together to enjoy a host of recreational activities including swimming, pedal boating, and miniature golf. Campers also have access to a dance studio, theater, and craft center to engage their creative inclinations. Emphasizing one-on-one care, Camp Loyaltown assigns only four campers to each of its counselors and keeps both doctors and registered nurses on staff to ensure a safe and happy time for all.
Rosicki invites you to learn more about this special event. Visit to learn more.