RR&A Batavia Team Donates to Dominican Republic Mission Trip

The staff at the Batavia, New York, office of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates (RR&A) recently helped to support a mission trip that one of its employees took to the Dominican Republic this summer.

In the first week of July, North Darien Bible Church sent a small group of missionaries to the Dominican Republic. Church member and RR&A employee Krissy Page spearheaded an initiative at the Batavia office to collect hygiene bags for distribution during the mission trip. The donated items were delivered to families in three different villages during the church’s one-week visit to the developing nation.

In addition to distributing hygiene bags, North Darien Bible Church provided a wide range of other humanitarian services aimed at helping locals in various sites throughout the Dominican Republic. They donated several hundred dollars and a keyboard to Pasitos De Jesus, a home for girls who have been abused. The group also contributed $1,700 to Emmanuel House, a school devoted to educating the children of families who are underserved and unable to afford uniforms, supplies, and official paperwork required by other schools in the nation. The missionaries also volunteered many hours of their time and hundreds of dollars to feed around 200 families from villages in the region.

Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a truly impoverished country. The North Darien Bible Church’s website and Facebook page contain photos depicting a population with a standard of living that is much lower than that with which Americans are familiar. In spite of the challenging living conditions, the Dominican people visited by the missionaries over the summer appeared to be happy and full of hope.

Due to the efforts of the North Darien Bible Church – and the kind contributions of the staff at RR&A’s Batavia office – many families in the Dominican Republic have enjoyed a glimmer of hope in their often difficult lives.