RR&A Employees to Participate in Tough Mudder

This summer, a team of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates employees will tackle Tough Mudder, one of the most physically grueling races around in support of injured military veterans. The first-ever Long Island Tough Mudder, which will be held August 15-16, promises to draw hundreds of athletes to the idyllic surroundings of Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Nassau County. The event will consist of a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. Rife with challenges with names like Electroshock Therapy, Ring of Fire, Everest 2.0, and Ladder to Hell, the course is intended to test participants’ physical stamina, strength, mental endurance, and teamwork.

Importantly, the Tough Mudder is not a competition between individual runners or glory-seeking teams. Instead, it is a team effort in which everyone helps and encourages one another, regardless of their limitations, personal fears, or team affiliations. No one is left behind at Tough Mudder.

The event is designed not only to test athletes’ mettle, but to benefits others: the veterans who have sacrificed physically and mentally in their service to our nation. Proceeds from the Tough Mudder races go toward charities that support injured veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project. A nonprofit organization, the Wounded Warrior Project aims to assist injured service members as they transition to civilian life. Tough Mudder participants have raised about $6 million to date. Wounded Warrior Project donations help to support combat stress recovery services, employment initiatives, peer support programs, and benefits assistance.

Nickolaos Kourounis of RR&A’s Plainview office is leading the effort to recruit a Tough Mudder team to represent the law firm. The team will be selected from a pool of applicants. Then the first team meeting will be held shortly afterward to discuss training and schedules. There are also plenty of opportunities for employees to participate in the event as volunteers or fundraisers, as well.